First Spray Tan Tips: What You Need To Know

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Whether you are on a tight deadline to get tan or the season and weather do not provide a good environment to get natural color, a spray tan is a fast and easy way to reach your tanning goals, regardless of the previously listed factors. Getting a spray tan has come across everyone’s mind at some point in their lives, but too often many first-timers overlook factors of preparation, quality, and their health, on top of a myriad of other questions about what goes into tanning. In order to best prepare for a spray tan and ensure that your tan can be maintained for the longest time, follow the guide below for the best possible tanning experience!

Preparing for your first tan

One of the first considerations for a spray tan is the timing of it. Immediately following the application of the spray tan there should be a minimum four hour window where no contact with water should be made. It is even better to ensure the tan lasts longer by avoiding water for six to eight hours, but if the minimum time cannot be met it may be best to reschedule the tan.

The clothing worn to a spray tan is also an important consideration. Avoiding tight-fitting clothing will prevent smudging or rubbing that could lead to an uneven tan. Instead, it is advised to wear dark, loose-fitting clothing to prevent any issues with how even the tan will be. Looser, darker clothing are also less susceptible to stains from the tan, especially immediately after the spray is applied.

Considerations to preparing your skin might be the most important part in regard to the quality of the tan. Exfoliating is recommended and a variety of products exists to get the job done. Targeting the driest spots like hands, elbows, and knees are a few of the main areas to focus on because dry areas have a strong tendency of absorbing the most spray and leading to  the dreaded orange coloring. Additionally, spa-related activities could have a negative impact on the quality of the tan. Avoiding any kind of waxing and the like would ensure a better spray tan experience.

One final consideration is the use of moisturizer and lotion the day of the spray tan. These should be avoided unless it is intended to be used specifically for sunless tanning, otherwise it can impair how the spray is absorbed into your skin.

The spray tan

Unless you are planning to get the spray tan nude, any clothing or garments worn might be stained, so only wear clothing that if stained will not be an issue. This applies to jewelry and watches as well so remove those before the spray tan starts. Other than a bathing suit or undergarments, many people wear some protective garments to guard certain areas from exposure. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Hair caps
  • Eyewear
  • Lip balm

While this is not the full list of items, it is a great place to start and focus on some of the most sensitive regions. Be sure to check with the spray tan artist or salon beforehand to see what they supply.

Post-tan considerations

Although previously mentioned, it should be reiterated to avoid any contact with water for a minimum of four hours. This includes pools and showers, but also sweating, so temperature control is hugely important in the hours immediately following the spray tan. The biggest potential detriment could be chlorine, which can strip the solution form your skin if prolonged exposure occurs. In the event that recently spray-tanned skin is exposed to water containing chlorine, immediately pat it dry to prevent the most harmful effects.  

Following the aforementioned steps should ensure the quality and longevity of the tan, but there are a few final actions that can be taken to extend the life of the tan.

Ensuring a longer tan

Moisturizing daily will keep a tan longer than without, but using moisturizers with oils can lead to adverse effects on the lifetime of the tan. There are many moderately-priced products that are oil-free and safe of other harmful ingredients and are a better and safer purchase than cheaper products at convenience stores. Looking for products labeled “post-sunless” and “oil-free” should be the best searching criteria.

Some body washes feature exfoliants, oils, or harsh soaps that can rapidly fade a tan and ultimately should be avoided, especially in the early days of getting a spray tan. Instead, just as with the moisturizer, there are body washes intended to preserve and extend the life of a tan and are a much better option.

A collection of simple health considerations also benefit the health and life of a tan. For example, drinking plenty of water will preserve the health of those newly-tanned skin cells. Beta-carotene, a red-orange pigment, has been shown in various studies to provide a hint of tan coloring to skin if included regularly in a diet. Foods high in this include apricots, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

Even good bathing can make a difference in how long a tan can last! Hot showers or baths can cause faster skin peeling because hot water can dehydrate skin. Sticking to cold showers is a better method of preserving a tan. Also, drying by patting is much safer than rubbing, which promotes could take off some of the tan.


This collection of tips will ensure that your first experience with tanning will be both safe and enjoyable. This guide is a great start and excellent reference point, but it helps to have a highly-regarded tanning salon providing you with your tan! Sizzle Tans offers a great spray tan experience. Whether you are using the UV-free VersaSpa or taking advantage of the precision and ease of the Norvell Colosseum, Sizzle Tans ensures a great tan!

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