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How to Keep Your Skin Fresh All Winter Long

With the winter quickly approaching, gone are the afternoons spent at the beach, soaking up the sun and working on your perfect tan. Even though we’re all going to be stuck inside for the next few months, there are still some precautions you can take to ensure that you’re keeping your skin looking fresh this […]

What to Wear to Highlight Your Tan

Now that you’re freshly tanned, you’ll want to make sure you’re dressing so that your tan is accentuated. We’ve compiled a list of clothing/color suggestions that will make sure your tanned skin tone is getting constant compliments!  It’s important to understand the difference between warm and cool colors, as wearing them will both do very […]

Can I Tan After Getting a Tattoo?

As Summer approaches, the warm weather and sunshine-filled days make it hard to stay inside. There’s nothing quite like feeling the warm rays on your skin, but sun protection is also essential-especially if you have a tattoo. When you’re out baking in the sun for hours, or even for a couple of minutes in one […]

Should I Get a Tan Before Going on Vacation?

Have you heard of the idea of a base tan? It may seem like a reasonable idea, before you head off to the beach for vacation, getting a tan ahead of time. This might help you avoid burning, and there is the added benefit of not looking pale when you first arrive. Getting a base […]

Double Dip Tanning: How To Prepare & What To Expect

Double dip tanning allows you to get very tan in a small amount of time. Whether you have a work event, a wedding, or a vacation, you will be able to be picture-ready! Double dip tanning is a session in a UV sunbed and then an immediate spray tan. Sizzle Tans takes advantage of multiple […]

First Spray Tan Tips: What You Need To Know

Whether you are on a tight deadline to get tan or the season and weather do not provide a good environment to get natural color, a spray tan is a fast and easy way to reach your tanning goals, regardless of the previously listed factors. Getting a spray tan has come across everyone’s mind at […]

Tips for Getting Wedding Ready

It is finally time to start preparing for your big day! You have been dreaming about this for months and you can’t wait to walk down the aisle and say “I do!” There is a lot of preparation that has to go into making sure that everything is perfect and we wanted to make it […]